Wednesday, May 18, 2022

An emergency situation (flat tire, breakdown, etc.) on the Causeway Bridge can be scary and intimidating. By following the tips listed below, the situation will be less frightening.

  • Stay Calm
    •  Although it is common to lose your composure during a crisis, by doing so it is easy to forget the appropriate actions to take. Staying calm will allow you to think more clearly in the situation.
  • Activate your hazard lights
    • This will alert other motorists of your vehicle’s trouble. It will also give notice to the commuters that you are having difficulties.
  • Attempt to drive to the nearest Crossover/Shoulder while traveling in the right lane
    • The Emergency Stopping Areas are located about 2 miles apart. Even if your tire is flat and you are driving on the rim, it is safer to drive to the Crossover than to stop in the road and risk being rear ended at high speed.
  • If your vehicle cannot make it, pull over in the right lane
    • Try to drive as close to the right railing as possible. Once stopped, the driver and all occupants should exit to the rear of the vehicle and stand on the right side curb facing oncoming traffic.
  • Call Causeway Police while waiting on the curb
    • While waiting on the right side curb, if you have your cell phone, call *CP (*27) or 504-835-3116. If you do not have a cell phone, do not worry, another motorist or the Causeway Camera department will spot you and alert the Causeway Police.
  • Wave oncoming traffic into the left lane
    • Whether you are behind your vehicle on the right curb or waiting by the Call Box, wave the approaching traffic into the left lane to help other motorists avoid colliding with your vehicle.
  • Wait for the Causeway Police or Emergency personnel to arrive
    • The Causeway Police or the Motorist Assistance Patrol (MAP) will arrive within minutes to help with your emergency.

While driving on the Causeway Bridge, PLEASE STAY ALERT. Emergency situations happen unexpectedly. One of the main causes of accidents on the Bridge is drivers being inattentive.

What to do if you see an emergency situation on the Causeway Bridge

  1. Stay Calm and stay focused on where you are going.
  2. Get into the other lane to avoid striking the disabled vehicle.
  3. Call *CP (*27) or 504-835-3116 to alert the Causeway Police of the emergency.

How to check on incidents, accidents, and weather before you travel the Causeway Bridge

  1. Check website.
  2. Sign up for traffic alerts on the website (
  3. Tune into WWL Radio (870 AM).